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TONOR Rangefinder

Thetonor rangefinder is a perfect tool for anyone looking to track down laser golf balls and make sure they are beating the best players in the industry. This rangefinder is designed to keep you track of the ball's performance and it color is black to give you a perfect view.

Top TONOR Rangefinder Features

Thetonor rangefinder is a perfect way to track your golf game with just a few clicks. This black rangefinder includes a 650 yards laser golf rangefinder that can be attached to your shirt orogear, making it perfect for use in your backyard or golf course. Thetonor rangefinder is also built to last, with a durable black finish that will never suffer from staining or removal in the sun or rain.
the toner rangefinder is a great way to track your laser golf game and measure your game day by game. This black rangefinder will indicate the tonerigue (t) ino each shot. The toner rangefinder will also indicate the distance from the clubhead and your ball speed.
thetonor rangefinder is a white tesla900 meters laser golf rangefinder that can help you determine your golf range. The rangefinder can indicator your range at various targets from 8 feet to 6, 000 feet. The rangefinder also has a built in mic to help with sound feedback.